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Frog Day

Movement Lesson
for Frog Day

The students will participate in a "hopping" game.


  • A large space allowing for movement.
  • Bases, carpet squares, masking tape, or chalk to mark off "lily pads".
  • A dice or spinner, if desired.



  1. Set up a path of "lily pads" in a large open space.  Either baseball bases, carpet squares, marking off with masking tape, or drawing them on an outside surface will work.
  2. Allow the students to hop along the path.  
  3. If desired, turn it into a game in which the students are the moving pieces.  Have the students roll a dice or spin a spinner and hop that many hops to get to the end of the path.  For a larger class, it may be best to set up more than one "game board" so multiple games can be happening at once.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play a game of Leap Frog!
  2. Using music in the background, a selection which starts out slow and builds to a faster tempo, have the students imitate the life cycle of a frog.  Curled up in a ball for the egg stage, stretching out and wiggling for the tadpole stage, small hops for the froglet, and big hops for the adult frog.
  3. Find the lyrics to frog songs at one of the following links; Kermit The Frog or Froggy Rhymes And Songs. Sing some frog songs! 


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