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Frog Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Frog Day

The students will write a story about a frog.


  • "The Frog Prince" by Brothers Grimm, if available.
  • Story Idea Map.
  • Paper, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, etc.



  1. Read "The Frog Prince" or discuss the fairy tale of a frog turning into a prince once it has been kissed.
  2. Ask the students what, or who, they would want a frog to turn into if they gave it a kiss.  For younger students, record their answers on chart paper.  For example, "My frog would turn into ___________."  They may then attempt to copy or write their own sentence and illustrate it.  For older students, pass out the Story Idea Map to use as the beginning of their writing process.
  3. The students will complete a story, based on their maps, and illustrate the stories, if time allows.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Do a lesson on synonyms, using hop and jump as the starting point.
  2. Do a phonics lesson on the fr- sound.
  3. Make mini "Frog Fact" books.  Tie it in with a science lesson.  As an alternative, make a whole class book in which each student records and completes one frog fact to be compiled into a book.  Allow the students to check this book out of the classroom to take home and share with their families.


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