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Frog Day

Art Lesson
for Frog Day

The students will create a colorful frog picture.


  • Frog Printout or plain paper.  (The Frog Printout may be best copied on to heavier paper, such as construction paper.)
  • Bright colored paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.
  • Link to one of the following websites or books with pictures of colorful frogs - Colorful Frogs, or  The Ultimate Frog Guide (do searches on the poisonous frogs). A book suggestion would be "Poison Dart Frogs" by Jennifer Owens Dewey.



  1. Share pictures of the poisonous frogs from the websites or from books.  Discuss how colorful the frogs are and the reason for their bright colors.  This is how the frog warns predators that it's dangerous.
  2. Pass out the Frog Printout, or plain paper, and allow the students to create their own versions of poisonous frogs using their chosen medium.
  3. Display the colorful frogs around the classroom or in the hallway.  For a rainforest feel, you may want to create large trees out of butcher paper to house the frogs.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Create a pond environment on butcher paper.  Assign students different parts of the pond to create out of various art materials.
  2. Read the book "Tuesday" by David Wiesner and have the students create pictures of journeys they would like to take on a lily pad.


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