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Egg Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Egg Day

The students will locate countries on a world map and make (or be exposed to) an egg dish from one of those countries.




  1. Print out or display each of the aforementioned recipes. 

  2. Have the students locate the country from which the recipe comes on the maps. Look at the country in relation to where the students live.  How would they get to that country?  By boat, car, airplane?

  3. Prepare one of the dishes and have the students critique whether they liked that food or not. (The German one is probably the easiest. It can also be made ahead at home and brought in for the students to sample).

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have discussions on how eggs get from the farms to the markets. 

  2. Write a letter to an egg farmer and ask him/her questions about his/her job.

  3. Find a colonial recipe which contains eggs and discuss colonial cooking.


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