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Egg Day

Movement Lesson
for Egg Day

The students will participate in an egg toss.


  • Hard-boiled eggs - one per pair of students

  • Outside area to conduct the game.



  1. Give each pair of students a hard-boiled egg.

  2. Have the students stand close together and toss the egg back and forth.  After each toss, they should take a step backwards to lengthen the distance between them.  They continue tossing the egg until it is dropped and cracks.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have an egg rolling contest in which the students see how far they can roll hard-boiled eggs without them cracking.

  2. Have races in which the students balance hard-boiled eggs on spoons and try not to let them fall.

  3. Have an egg hunt.

  4. Play music and have the students mimic a bird or another animal hatching from an egg.


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