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Egg Day

Math Lesson
for Egg Day

The students will add fractions (1/2 only).


  • Each child or pair of children will need 10 paper eggs (or use the plastic eggs that come apart)

  • Egg Math Worksheet



  1. Have the students cut (or pull apart if they have the plastic eggs) one of their eggs in half. 

  2. Have a discussion on how two 1/2's make a whole.  Have them act this out by putting their egg back together.

  3. Have the students complete math problems using their manipulatives.  Either call math problems out and complete them as a whole class, or have the students complete the Egg Math Worksheet.

  4. Use some subtraction problems for older children.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Number the inside bottom of empty egg cartons 1-12.  These egg cartons can be used for a variety of math games and lessons.  For example, have the students use the egg cartons similar to number lines in order to complete math equations.  The students may also use the egg carton as a playing board by using dice and markers and trying to be the first to reach the number 12.

  2. Have a lesson on what 'dozen' means.

  3. Older children may do multiplication or division problems to see how much an individual egg costs when a dozen costs a certain price.


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