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Dolphin Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Dolphin Day

The students will name and identify the four major oceans on a world map.




  1. Discuss with the students how dolphins live in all the major oceans of the world.  (Some scientists believe there is a 5th ocean, the Southern Ocean, which is discussed at the web sites.)

  2. Share information from the aforementioned sites about the oceans and where they are located.  Review the worksheet ahead of time to be sure specific material is covered in the presentation of material.  

  3. Look at a world map and have the students locate the oceans as well as their home town.  Which ocean do they live the closest to?

  4. Pass out the Oceans Worksheet and have the students complete the sheet for reinforcement.  With younger students, complete the worksheet as a whole class.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Using information from a book or web site, discuss with the students how dolphins have their own way of communicating with one another through the use of clicks, barks, and whistles.  Relate this to human language and how people need to communicate with one another.  Would people who live in the same area be able to function if they all spoke a different language?  Present the fact that people who live in the same areas speak a common language.  Use a map, the Languages Around the World Worksheet, and the Free Translation web site for a lesson on languages.  Work together as a class to complete the worksheet.  The students may add other countries and languages on to the sheet as well.

  2. Most dolphins are social animals and help one another when hurt or in distress. Brainstorm how people who live together in the same community can help one another.



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