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Dolphin Day

Science Lesson
for Dolphin Day

The students will identify and write facts about dolphins.


  • Pieces of paper cut in the shape of dolphins.

  • Books or web sites with dolphin facts (see the Dolphin Home Page for suggestions.)

  • Chart Paper or Chalkboard

  • Dolphin Fact Sheet (if desired)

  • Blue butcher paper

  • Tape



  1. Ask the students what they know about dolphins.  Record their responses on chart paper or the chalkboard.

  2. Share information with the students from books or web sites.

  3. Pass out the pieces of paper cut in the shape of dolphins.  Have each student write one new fact he/she learned about dolphins on the paper.  (For younger students, cut up the Dolphin Fact Sheet into strips and have the students copy or glue the strip onto their dolphin shape.  More facts may need to be added or put the students in pairs.)

  4. Cut the butcher paper to look like ocean waves and mount it on the wall.  Have the students take turns reading their dolphin fact and placing it on the butcher paper.  The may place them so they appear to be leaping out of the water.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As an alternative to the above lesson, compile the dolphin facts into a book and allow the students to take the book home to share with their families.

  2. Compare and contrast mammals and fish.

  3. Have the students pair up and research a specific type of dolphin.



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