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 Dolphin Day

Movement Lesson
for Dolphin Day

The students will act out dolphin tricks.


  • Link to Dolphin Tricks

  • 2 or 3 hoola hoops

  • 2 or 3 balls

  • A basket or container to throw the balls into

  • A wide open space allowing for movement

  • A snack, such as crackers



  1. Read the information from the aforementioned web site.

  2. Set up a Dolphin Obstacle course into three areas and divide the class into three groups.
    1. Hoola hoops for the students to jump through.
    2. Baskets/Containers for the students to throw balls into.
    3. A wide open space for the students to imitate dolphins leaping out of the water.

  3. At each of the areas, offer the students a "reward" of a cracker, etc., just as dolphins are given fish.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play an echolocation game in which half the students are blindfolded and the other half have to call out directions to help them locate objects or make their way to a destination.


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