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Dolphin Day

Art Lesson
for Dolphin Day

The students will create dolphin puppets.


  • A link to Dolphin Anatomy

  • Gray construction paper or white paper and gray paint

  • Craft sticks

  • Glue

  • Blue poster board

  • Pictures of dolphins on the internet or in books

  • Cut out shapes of dolphins, if desired



  1. Share the pictures of dolphins.  Talk about the different parts of a dolphin.  Use the following web site for help: Dolphin Anatomy.

  2. Have the students create their own dolphins using the gray paper or making them on white paper and painting them gray.  If the students need assistance, allow them to trace a cut out shape of a dolphin. 

  3. Once the students have completed their dolphins, have them glue them onto a craft stick.

  4. Working as a class, create ocean waves out of the blue poster board.

  5. The students may take turns putting on puppet shows by having them pop them out from behind the poster board.  (Or the students may make their own waves by using a piece of blue construction paper.)


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As an alternative to the above lesson, have the students create rings for their dolphin puppets to jump through.  The rings can be created from paper plates by cutting out the center.

  2. Have the students create ocean dioramas using shoe boxes, paint, construction paper and other art materials.  Be sure to include dolphins in the diorama!



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