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Cloud Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Cloud Day

The students will make maps of a familiar room.




  1. Show examples of maps to the students.  Discuss how map makers draw things from a "cloud's eye view".  Some good aerial photos can be found at http://www.city-scenes.com/ .

  2. Pass out the paper or Cloud View Worksheet and writing utensils. 

  3. Have the students draw a map of their bedrooms, the classroom, or some other familiar place. 

  4. As an alternative for younger children or as a bigger whole class project, a classroom map can be made  together on a large piece of butcher paper.  The children can make cutouts of their desks, tables, bookshelves, etc. and then work as a class to glue them in the correct place.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Use newspaper weather maps to locate cities with hotter and colder temperatures than the students' city.

  2. Have a meteorologist come in and give a presentation on what his/her job entails.  This could also tie into a science lesson on using cloud types for predicting the weather.


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