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Cloud Day

Science Lesson
for Cloud Day

The students will observe a representation of how clouds form.


  • A clear plastic bottle

  • Black construction paper

  • Water

  • A match

  • Ice

  • A nonfiction book about clouds (if available)



  1. Read the book, if available.

  2. Do a cloud making demonstration by putting warm water in the bottom 1/3 of the bottle. 

  3. Light the match, drop it in the bottle and immediately place the ice on top of the opening of the bottle. 

  4. Have the students observe what happens.  Black construction paper taped to the back of the bottle will help them see the bottle fog up with your "classroom cloud". 

  5. Explain that any evaporating water droplets in the bottle attach to the dust particles from the lit match forming the cloud.  The ice is like the cold atmosphere and the water represents any water on earth. (Be sure to warn the children of the dangers of playing with matches.)

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Read a nonfiction book about clouds, such as Tomie dePaola's "The Cloud Book", which talks about the different types of clouds.  Information and pictures of different cloud types can also be found at the  Cloud Boutique.  Pass out the Cloud Types Worksheet and have the students draw pictures of the different types of clouds.
  2. Go outside and identify what types of clouds are in the sky on that particular day.  Have students draw observations of the clouds in the sky and then discuss what types they are.


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