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Cloud Day

Math Lesson
for Cloud Day

The students will discover different combinations for arriving at the number 9.




  1. Depending on the age and math ability of the students, they may either work individually, in pairs, or as a whole class.

  2. Discuss how being on Cloud 9 means being happy.  Tell them they need to find out how many different combinations of numbers there are for getting to Cloud 9.

  3. Depending on how the class is grouped, give each child or group of children,  9 cotton balls (to serve as clouds).

  4. Pass out the Cloud 9 Worksheet and have them use the manipulatives for assistance in discovering ways for arriving at the number 9.  They may either write addition problems using just 2 numbers, or more, if appropriate.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students play The Cloud 9 Game.  Give each pair of students a pair of dice.  Have them take turns rolling the dice.  Whoever rolls closer to nine, without going over, is the winner of that roll.  This can also be played as the whole class vs. the teacher.  The students just take turns rolling the dice.

  2. Have the students estimate how may clouds (cotton balls) you have placed in a see through container.


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