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Cloud Day

Art Lesson
for Cloud Day

The students will create cloud pictures.


  • Blue construction paper

  • cotton balls

  • glue

  • markers, crayons, and/or paint.



  1. Look at the clouds outside, or pictures of clouds and discuss how some look full and puffy, while others can be thin and wispy. 

  2. Ask the students how they could turn a puffy cotton ball into a thin wispy cloud shape.

  3. Pass out the art supplies and have the students create skies full of clouds.  They may also add in other items, such as birds, rainbows, etc. using the other art materials.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Read the book "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" by Charles G. Shaw.  Pass out blue construction paper.  Have the students fold it in half.  They should then open it up and drop white paint along the middle crease and on one side of the fold line.  They can then refold it, press down hard and smooth the paint around.  Once they open the paper back up they can inspect their "cloud" and see what image it looks like.

  2. Make fog pictures.  Discuss how fog is really low clouds.  The students can then do a crayon drawing (pressing down hard) and then make a wash with gray watercolor paint and water.  They should do this wash over their entire picture to create a fog scene.

  3. Make clouds with torn white paper glued on blue paper.

  4. Have the students make cloud mobiles using hangers, white paper, and string.  The clouds could also be made out of cotton balls glued on sturdy paper.


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