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Acorn Day

Science Lesson
for Acorn Day

The students will make and record observations.




  1. Pass out the acorns, magnifying glasses and Acorn Observations Worksheets.  Explain to the students that they are going to be scientists (specifically "botanists") and study the seed of the oak tree - an acorn.  (With younger children, this activity can be done as a whole class with just 1 acorn.)

  2. Have the students complete the first 3 questions.  

  3. All the students to test whether their acorn sinks or floats to complete question #4.  Discuss with the students any differences between the acorns that sunk or floated.  (Acorns with holes tend to float since they have generally been hallowed out by insects.)

  4. Break open the students' acorns using a hammer or a nutcracker so they may proceed with questions 5 and 6.

  5. Discuss any similarities or differences among the acorns.  Do any of them have insects inside?


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Use the following links for information on acorns as seeds, how the travel, and their relationship with animals - The World of Squirrels and Acorns, Acorns for Rent, Seeds, Nuts, and Fruit.

  2. Read a book about the growth of acorns to oak trees and have the students draw a sequenced picture of an acorn growing into an oak.  This sequenced drawing can be done in the shape of a circle.  Have the students draw an acorn at the top of the circle, a young plant on the right side of the circle, a small tree at the bottom of the circle, and a large tree with acorns at the left of the circle.  Arrows can then be drawn from one stage to the next, depicting the cycle of oak trees.



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