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Acorn Day

Art Lesson
for Acorn Day

The students will "acorn paint".


  • Acorns

  • Shallow Pans

  • Paint

  • Construction paper



  1. Place a piece of construction paper in a shallow pan.  If desired, have the paper cut into a fall shape such as an acorn or a leaf.  

  2. Squeeze some paint into the pan and drop the acorns in as well.

  3. Have the students roll the pan around to create designs with the acorns rolling through the paint.  (This is the same concept as marble painting.)


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students create fall wreathes using items they have gathered on a nature walk.  These items may include acorns, leaves, seeds, etc.  The wreath shapes should be cut from cardboard to sustain the items being glued on.

  2. Discuss the fact that acorns have "caps".  Liken them to caps that people wear.  Cut out acorn shapes, making the cap a separate piece of paper.  Have the students decorate their acorn caps as creatively as they wish.  They may use paint, markers, fabric scraps, feathers, etc.  They may then draw a face on the body of their acorn shape.  Hang their creations in the hallway or classroom.

  3. Make a "shaker" using acorns inside an oatmeal container.



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