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Acorn Day

Movement Lesson
for Acorn Day

The students will participate in a game of "Hot and Cold".


  • Acorns (2-3 per pair of students)  Paper acorns will work.

  • An area for playing the game - the classroom, or playground are options.  It's best if it's a place where there are good hiding places for small objects.



  1. Divide the students into pairs.  Give each set of students 3-4 acorns.

  2. One student will hide the acorns while the other student covers his/her eyes.  

  3. Once the acorns are hidden, the other student will move about the space looking for the acorns.  The student who did the hiding will give clues such as, "your getting hotter, your getting colder, etc."

  4. Once the acorns have been found, the students will switch roles.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play a game in which the students attempt to toss acorns into a container.

  2. Have the students imitate squirrels gathering nuts for winter.  This may be done to music.



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