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Acorn Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Acorn Day

The students will organize words into alphabetical order.


  • 26 acorn shapes with "a-corn", "b-corn", "c-corn", etc. written on each shape.  Continue through the whole alphabet until each shape has a letter-corn written on it.

  • A basket or container to place the acorn shapes in.

  • The Words to Alphabetize Worksheet.  (This sheet should be cut up into strips so there is one word on each slip of paper.)

  • Tape

  • A long area of wall to tape the acorn shapes in ABC order.



  1. Discuss ABC order.  Show the acorn shapes with the a-corn, b-corn, c-corn, etc. written on them.  

  2. Place the acorn shapes in a container.  Have each student pick out one of the acorn shapes.  The students should then work as a class to arrange themselves in ABC order with their acorn shapes.  (If there are less than 26 students, the teacher will need to fill in the blanks with the leftover acorn shapes.)  The students may want to line up across the front of the classroom in the proper order.

  3. Have the students tape their acorns onto an area of wall in the proper order.

  4. Place the words from the Words to Alphabetize Worksheet in a container.  Have each student draw a word.

  5. The students should repeat the steps to place themselves in ABC order.  The amount of teacher involvement will depend on the age of the students.  


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As an extension of the above activity, have the students brainstorm words which start with each letter of the a-corn, b-corn, etc.

  2. Combine a lesson with Social Studies and have the students write directions for finding a hidden pile of acorns.  Their acorns may be hidden somewhere in the school building.  For example, "Walk out the classroom door and turn right.  Pass three classroom doors and turn left, etc."  Or the acorns may be hidden somewhere in the classroom and the students need to write directions for finding the hidden stash in the room.  The students may then give the directions to another student to follow.  Were the directions accurate?

  3. A collection of hidden acorns is called a "cache" of acorns.  Have the students write about what they would include in their own "cache" of hidden objects to survive a cold winter.

  4. Acorns have "caps".  List other items that have caps.



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