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Spider Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Spider Day

The students will identify different types of homes and transportation.


  • A book about spiders, such as Spiders by Gail Gibbons, which contains information on types of webs and "ballooning", a form of transportation young spiders use to move to new homes.  

  • If  desired, a link to one of the following sites which contains ballooning information; The Wild Side , or Up, Up and Away.  This link contains some basic information on different types of spider web Bonus.Com.

  • Spiders, People, Homes, and Transportation Worksheet



  1. Read the chosen book or share information from a web site on different types of spider webs and ballooning.

  2. Relate this to people and different types of homes and transportation.  Ask the students to brainstorm different types of homes for people.  Record their responses on chart paper or the chalkboard.   For example, houses, apartments, house boats, igloos, etc.  

  3. Discuss how people use different types of transportation to reach their homes, cars, buses, boats, planes, trains, etc.  Again, record responses on the chart paper or chalkboard.

  4. For reinforcement, have the students complete the Spiders, People, Homes, and Transportation Worksheet.  Younger students may draw pictures in the appropriate boxes and older students may make lists.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Discuss how some people are afraid of spiders and have a lesson on fears.

  2. Spiders lived before the dinosaurs - create a timeline.

  3. Have a lesson on oral tradition, using the Anansi the Spider stories as an example.



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