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Spider Day

Science Lesson
for Spider Day

The students will record facts about spiders.


  • A collection of nonfiction books and web sites on spiders.  See the Literature Suggestions and Related Sites on the Spider Home Page for ideas.

  • Eight strips of paper per student, pair of students, or the whole class to record the spider facts.  (Whether they work individually, in pairs, or as a class will depend on the level of the students.)

  • Two circles of paper per student, pair of students, or whole class to form the body and head of the spider.



  1. Depending on the age of the students and the amount of resources available, either read and share facts from the books and web sites, or allow them to gather the information on their own.

  2. Direct the students to gather 8 facts about spiders, either individually, in pairs, or as a whole class.  Four of the facts should come from books, and four of the facts should come from web sites.

  3. The students should record the facts on the strips of paper (to act as spider legs).  Younger students may dictate facts to the teacher to be recorded on one spider created by the whole class.

  4. Once the facts are recorded, the students may assemble their spiders by attaching the legs, heads, and bodies with either glue or tape.

  5. If time allows, have the students share their spider facts with the rest of the class.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students observe real spiders.  These may either be brought in from home, collected outside on the school grounds, or brought in by the teacher.

  2. Have a lesson on predators, prey, and the food chain.

  3. List how spiders are good for the environment.

  4. Have a lesson on names for young animals - spider - spiderling, pig - piglet, cow - calf, etc.

  5. Compare arachnids to insects.

  6. Have a lesson on all the different types of spider webs.

  7. Allow the students to pick a type of spider and do some research on that type.



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