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Spider Day

Art Lesson
for Spider Day 

The students will create spider webs and spiders using a variety of materials.


  • Black construction paper

  • glue

  • white yarn or string

  • construction paper, pipe cleaners, or any variety of materials to create a spider.



  1. Have the students create a spider web by using glue and white yarn or string on black (or any other dark colored) construction paper.  (If this process is too difficult for younger students, have them draw a web on black construction paper using a white crayon or chalk.)  With older students discuss the different types of webs, such as a funnel web, a triangle web, and an orb web.

  2. While the web is drying, have the students create a spider out of any of the offered materials.

  3. When both pieces are dry, have the students glue their spider into the web.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As a variation on the above lesson, working together as a class, create a large spider web out of yarn or string on a dark piece of butcher paper.  The students may then create their own spiders to place in the web.

  2. Paint paper plates black and put notches around the perimeter.  The students may then wrap white yarn or string around the plate (securing the yarn in the notches) to create a web.

  3. Use the following web site to create spider gliders Science Learning Network



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