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Rock Day

Math Lesson
for Rock Day

The students will weigh and measure their rocks.


  • Rocks brought in from home.

  • Scales

  • Balance Scales

  • Measuring tapes or rulers

  • My Rock Worksheet or Rock Length Worksheet (for younger students)

  • Perhaps set the room up in centers for the students to move through.  For example, set up 2 weight centers with scales,  balance scales, and a variety of objects to be compared to the weight of their rocks.  Also set up 2 measuring centers with rulers, measuring tapes, and a variety of objects to compare the length to their rocks .  Each student need only visit 1 weight center and 1 measuring center.  


  1. Review measuring and weighing objects as needed.

  2. Pass out the My Rock Worksheets and allow the students to go to one weight center and one measuring center to complete the worksheet.  On the worksheets, a balance scale should be used for questions 2, 3, and 4 on the weight section. 

  3. If the students are too young to complete the worksheet individually, use one rock and do a demonstration of weight and measurement.  Then allow the students to take turns exploring the weight of their rocks on the scales.  The rest of the class can be measuring their rocks during this time, or simply finding objects in the classroom that are shorter or longer than their rock.  Have the students draw pictures on the Rock Length Worksheet.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. In expanding on the above lesson, have the students weigh and measure more than one rock.  For example, Bobby and Sarah's rocks together weigh this much.  Jimmy and Laura's rocks are this long when placed together.  They can also compare the weight of different rocks on the balance scale.  They may also do addition and subtraction problems with the weights of their rocks.  As a finale see how much all the rocks in the class weigh together.

  2. Have the students order all the rocks according to size.

  3. Have the students make up story problems about rocks.  For example, "There are 3 rocks sitting on a table, 1 of them rolls off.  How many are left?"


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