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Rock Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Rock Day

The students will classify fiction and nonfiction writings.  They will also write descriptive accounts or fictional stories about the finding of their rocks.


  • The rocks the students brought in to school.

  • Paper and writing utensils

  • At least 6-10 books on rocks, some fiction and some nonfiction.

  • The book Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor, if available.



  1. Have a discussion on fiction vs. nonfiction. Show the books and give descriptions of what the books contain.  Have the students decide whether the books are fiction or nonfiction.

  2. Read Everybody Needs a Rock, if available.

  3. The students should choose which type of story they would like to write ahead of time.  They may either write the true story of how they found their rocks, or a fictional story on the finding of their rocks.  They may then share these stories with the rest of the class.  Have the class determine which writings are fiction and which are nonfiction.

  4. Younger students may draw pictures of themselves finding their rocks and write a few words describing the rock or how it was found.  Their pictures may illustrate a fiction or nonfiction story of finding their rock.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Read Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig.  Have the students write what they would wish for if they found a magic pebble.  This may be combined with an art lesson in which they decorate a small rock or cut-out of a rock, name it their "magic pebble" and write their wish to accompany their artwork.

  2. Read Stone Soup by Marcia Brown.  Have the students write recipes for their own Stone Soup.

  3. Have the students personify the rocks they have brought in to school.  They may name them, give them birthdays, and write what a typical day entails for their rocks.  Discuss the term personification and find examples of it in literature.  Use the "My Pet Rock" Worksheet.

  4. Do the language arts lesson at the beginning of the day.  Have a lesson on questions, including question words and question marks.  Have each students write or dictate a question about what they would like to learn about rocks.  For example, "Where do rocks come from?"


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