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Rock Day

Art Lesson
for Rock Day

The students will paint rocks.


  • Rocks (either brought in by the students or provided by the teacher).

  • Paint and paint brushes


  1. Have the students use their imaginations and paint on rocks they have brought in from home, or ones found out around the school.

  2. Display the painted rocks in a "Rock Art Museum".

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Create "Rock Collecting Boxes" out of a variety of containers.  Shoe boxes, egg cartons, etc.  The students may decorate these containers to keep their rock collections inside.

  2. Combine this lesson with the Language Arts Lesson (Other Lesson Ideas #1).  Have each student paint a small rock (or paper cut out of a rock) which will be their "Magic Pebble".  After reading Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig, the students will write about the pebble they have designed and write what their wish would be on a magic pebble.


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