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Potato Day

Science Lesson
for Potato Day

The students will identify the parts of a potato plant and classify foods which grow above ground and foods which grow underground.


  • A book about potatoes or a link to the following site: Dole 5 A Day. (Click on "Fruit and Vegetable Encyclopedia" and select potato.  Then click on "How Potatoes are Grown and Harvested".)

  • A variety of real vegetables (some which grow above ground and some which grow below), or pictures of vegetables.  (The pictures may be found on the Above or Below Worksheet.)

  • Chart paper or blackboard

  • Above or Below Worksheet

  • Potato Worksheet (for older students)



  1. Read the chosen book or share the information from the Dole 5 A Day web site about potato plants.

  2. Discuss with the students how potatoes grow underground.  People eat the "tuber", which is the actual potato.  A tuber stores food for the rest of the plant.

  3. Make two columns on the chart paper or blackboard.  One column is for listing foods which grow above ground.  The other column is for listing foods which grow below ground.  Brainstorm with the students foods for each column.  If real vegetables are available, show them to the class and ask them to classify in which column they belong.  The students may complete the Above or Below Worksheet while the lists are being made.

  4. If desired, pass out the Potato Worksheet and have the students complete it for reinforcement.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Make a potato recipe.

  2. Set up a potato for sprouting.

  3. Use one of the following links for experiments involving potatoes: Potato Maze or Potato Battery.



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