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Potato Day

Movement Lesson
for Potato Day

The students will participate in Potato Games and develop their own game involving a potato.


  • 4-5 Potatoes

  • Music

  • Burlap sacks or pillow cases

  • Wide space allowing for movement



  1. Play two common "Potato Games" with the students.  Use the potato and the music to play a game of Hot Potato.  Use the sacks to have Potato Sack Races.

  2. Once the class has participated in the Potato Games, divide them into small groups.  Give each group a potato and a sack.  Allow them time to create their own Potato Game.

  3. Have the groups share their developed game with the rest of the class.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play "Potato Bowling".  Use a potato as the "ball" and plastic soda bottles for the "pins".

  2. Have the students act out digging up potatoes, placing them in a wheelbarrow and pushing them to an ending point.



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