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Popcorn Day

Science Lesson
for Popcorn Day

The students will observe popcorn seeds expanding when soaked in water.




  1. Hand out the Popcorn Kernel Experiment Worksheet.  Have the students observe the popcorn kernels being put in a jar (about an inch from the top) and then filling the jar with water almost all the way to the top. Place the paper plate on top of the jar.  For older students they may want to get in small groups and set up this experiment for themselves.

  2. Have the students draw a picture of the experiment immediately after it is set up on their Popcorn Kernel Experiment Worksheets.

  3. This experiment needs to sit for a few hours and then be observed for any changes.

  4. When the seeds absorb the water in the jar, they should expand and push the paper plate off the top.  Once this happens have the students complete the worksheet and have a discussion on how seeds absorb water.  This helps seeds push through soil and allow the seed to have room to grow their shoots.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. This will take longer than one day, but the students can place popcorn kernels on wet paper towels in a pan, cover it with plastic wrap, poke some holes in the wrap, and observe the kernels for several days.

  2. Find pictures, or real examples of different types of corn; sweet corn, dent corn (the kind we feed to animals), Indian corn, and popcorn.


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