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Popcorn Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Popcorn Day

The students will list words which imitate sounds (onomatopoeia).




  1. Discuss with the students how certain words imitate sounds.  For example, "pop" for the sound of popping corn, "hiss" for the sound of steam or what a snake says, "hum" for the sound of a fan, "snip" for the sound of scissors...If the children are old enough, introduce the word onomatopoeia.  It may be helpful to have an excerpt from a book or a poem which is a good example of onomatopoeia.

  2. Working as a class, in pairs, or individually, have the students complete the Sound Words Worksheet by listing items and their matching "sound words".

Other Lesson Ideas

  • As a variation on the above plan, pass out cards with pictures of different items or animals and the students could take turns giving the word for the sound the item or animal makes.  On a piece of butcher paper or on the chalkboard list these "sound words". This would be better suited for younger children.

  • Do a lesson on compound words, using "popcorn" as an example.


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