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Popcorn Day

Movement Lesson
for Popcorn Day

The students will engage in movement similar to that of a popcorn kernel popping.


  • Space for the children to freely move and jump around

  • Music (if available) with a  quiet, slow tempo as well as music with a fast beat.



  1. Facilitate a discussion on how popcorn kernels remain still and quiet until they become hot enough to pop.  Once a few kernels pop, the others begin to pop as well and they become noisy and move around a great deal.

  2. Play the slow tempo music and have the children imitate unpopped kernels by remaining still.  Perhaps they could crouch down on the ground and make themselves as small as possible.

  3. Tell the students they are getting hotter and are close to popping.  Now introduce the fast tempo music and have them beginning "popping".  This would entail jumping up and down and making their bodies larger.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. If the class made "shakers" during art time with popcorn kernels, they can play along with some music.

  2. Have the students jump rope and sing the following song:

    Little Lu-Lu made some popcorn.   How many kernels did she pop?  (And then have them count the number of jumps until they miss.)


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