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Penguin Day

Movement Lesson
for Penguin Day

The students will participate in a variety of penguin games.


  • Tennis balls (or some other balls of similar size)

  • Bean bags or stuffed animals (to represent penguins)

  • A large open area allowing for movement



  1. Follow through on the invitations which were written in the Language Arts lesson and have a "Penguin Party."

  2. The party may consist of the following three games (or more to be created by the students.)
    1. Egg Carry - Have the students try to walk (or shuffle) from one point to another balancing a tennis ball on the tops of their shoes.  The tennis ball represents a penguin egg being incubated by its father.
    2. Penguin Slide - Using the stuffed animals or bean bags, have the students try to slide the item as far across the floor as possible.  This will work best on a smooth floor for the least amount of friction.  The sliding objects are similar to penguins sliding across the ice/snow.
    3. Waddle Walk - Have the students waddle from one point to another, similar to the walk of a penguin.



Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Expanding on the lesson above, have the students create their own "Penguin Party Games".



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