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Penguin Day

Math Lesson
for Penguin Day

The students will measure heights and arrange them from shortest to tallest.




  1. Divide the class into pairs or groups of three.

  2. Discuss how there are many different species/types of penguins.  Liken this to different types of dogs.  Each species has its own characteristics including height.  Some species are taller/shorter than others.

  3. Give each pair of students a slip of paper with the type of penguin and its height.  The slips of paper may be cut from the Penguin Heights Worksheet.  Decide ahead of time whether you will be using centimeters or inches.

  4. Have the students measure a piece of string to that height and cut it off.  

  5. Reconvene as a class and have the students arrange their strings in order from shortest to tallest.  Tape the string on the wall in the classroom or hallway and mark the name of the species and its heights above each string.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Continue to plan your "Penguin Party" from the Language Arts Lesson.  Have the students determine how may items will be needed for the party.  For example, if everyone has one cup of juice, how many cups are needed?  Or if every guest has 2 cookies, how many cookies will be needed?, etc.

  2. Make story problems using penguins, and/or penguin eggs as the main factor.  For example, if 5 penguins are on the ice and 2 jump off to swim, how many are left?



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