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Penguin Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Penguin Day

The students will write an invitation.


  • Colored paper, construction paper, card stock, or Penguin Party Worksheet.

  • Envelopes

  • Writing utensils

  • Examples of invitations (if available)



  1. Facilitate a discussion on penguins and their coloring.  Discuss how penguins appear to be wearing tuxedos.  Ask the students at what times people wear tuxedos and get dressed up in their best clothes.  One of the answers may be when going to a party.

  2. How do people know they are invited to a party?  By receiving an invitation.  Explain to the students they will be having a "Penguin Party" at the end of their school day (or whenever is appropriate.)  Therefore, they need to write invitations to the event.

  3. Discuss the elements that are important to include on an invitation: Time, Date, Place, etc.  Discuss the specifics of your "Penguin Party".  

  4. Pass out the chosen paper and envelopes. Expand the lesson to include addressing envelopes with the return address, etc.  Pair the students up so they may address their envelopes to a fellow classmate.

  5. Allow the students time to complete their invitations and envelopes.  This lesson may also be combined with an Art Lesson to have the students fully decorate their invitations.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on alliteration and have the students complete sentences such as "Penguins pack ___________ in their parcels.", or "Penguins pick ______________ to give as presents."

  2. The students may listen to nonfiction books and information from web sites listed on the Penguin Home Page.  Have them write penguin facts on egg shaped pieces of paper to serve as "penguin eggs."  Make a class book.



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