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Monkey Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Monkey Day

The students will locate on a map the regions where monkeys live.


  • Links to the following web sites: New World Monkeys and Old World Monkeys.  Or a nonfiction book about monkeys which has a section on where monkeys live geographically.  Two good books to use in conjunction with each other are Monkeys of Central and South America and Monkeys of Asia and Africa by Patricia A. Fink Martin.

  • A globe or world map.



  1. Discuss with the students that there are all types of monkeys which live in different parts of the world.  Scientists  break many of the species into 2 groups, 'Old World Monkeys' and 'New World Monkeys'.  Share the information from the web sites and/or books.  

  2. Have the students locate the different regions on a world map or globe.  Where are these regions in relationship to the students' home town?  How would they travel to these places?


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Using links to  Animals in Space and Monkeynauts, have a lesson on monkeys preceding man in space exploration.

  2. Monkeys use different body language and vocalizations to communicate with one another.  Use the examples from Monkeys for a lead in to human body language and non-verbal communication.  Give the students different feelings and emotions and have them act these out without speaking.


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