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Monkey Day

Art Lesson
for Monkey Day

The students will create monkeys from various art supplies.


  • Brown construction paper

  • Black markers, crayons, or colored pencils

  • Brown pipe cleaners

  • A link to Monkey ClipArt, if desired.



  1. Tell the students they will be creating monkeys from given art supplies.  

  2. The students should use the brown construction paper to create a body, head, arms, and legs.  They may then add the eyes, nose and mouth using the markers, crayons, or colored pencils.  If desired, print out a picture from Monkey ClipArt to use as a guide or inspiration.

  3. The brown pipe cleaner should be attached as a tail for the monkey using either tape, glue, or a stapler.

  4. Hang a piece of string or twine across the classroom ceiling or along a wall.  Have the students hang their created monkeys by the tails.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Create a tree in the classroom using brown butcher paper.  The paper may be twisted to create 3-dimensional branches.  Have the students create monkeys to put in the tree.

  2. Have each student bring in a clean, old sock to turn into a sock monkey.  Stuff them with fiberfill and add button noses, eyes and ears made of felt.  The arms, legs, and tail may be created from pieces of scrap fabric or felt.  Parent helpers may be needed to help stitch the appendages on or adhere them with a hot glue gun.



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