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Monkey Day

Science Lesson
for Monkey Day

The students will define a list of words pertaining to monkeys.




  1. Write the following words on the chalkboard or chart paper - prehensile, arboreal, terrestrial, troop, endangered and primates.  Read the words to the students and explain they are going to learn what all these big scientific words mean.

  2. Instruct the students to listen carefully as you share the information about monkeys.  They should use their best listening ears for the words written on the chalkboard.  Once these words have been spoken, have the students raise their hands to stress the use of the word.  Emphasize the meaning of the word and have the students practice saying the word out loud.

  3. Pass out the Monkey Facts and Words Worksheets.  Have the students complete these sheets individually or as a whole class, depending on the age and ability.

  4. Congratulate the students on learning such big, scientific words!

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Pick one species of monkey and have a more in depth lesson on that type of monkey.  The Howler Monkey is a good choice since they are the loudest land living mammal.  

  2. Have a lesson on what a mammal is.

  3. Share information about monkeys and have the students make a Monkey Fact Book.  Use the Monkey Worksheet for pages of the book.



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