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Leaf Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Leaf Day

The students will locate Canada on a world map and identify the Canadian flag. 


  • A link to the following sites: ZoomSchoolCanada and

  • A world map

  • Red and white construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • A United States Flag (or one of the students' country).


  1. Display a picture of the Canadian Flag.  Discuss where Canada is on the world map.  Have the students locate Canada on the map and discuss its relationship to their own country.  Is Canada north, south, east, or west of their home town?

  2. Discuss the elements on the Canadian Flag, focusing on the Maple Leaf.  Display the United States flag (or that of the students' country.)  Compare and contrast the flags.  

  3. Using the link, have the students create their own Canadian Flag.  This part of the lesson will involve the scissors, glue, and construction paper.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Using a link to 50States.Com, have the students identify different State Trees.  Each student may be asked to locate a different state on a map of the United States and then name the state tree.

  2. Using the following map, Peak Times for Fall Color, have the students interpret and identify when to view the best fall leaf color.  Where do the students live in relationship to viewing fall color?



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