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Leaf Day

Movement Lesson
for Leaf Day

The students will imitate a variety of actions.


  • A wide, open space allowing for movement.

  • Chart Paper or Chalkboard



  1. Ask the students to identify different activities which can be done with falling, or fallen, leaves.  

  2. Record their responses on the chart paper or chalkboard.  Responses may include; raking, jumping in, tossing, etc.

  3. Call out the activities one at a time.  The students should then imitate the movement of participating in the activity which has been called out.  


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have students imitate the movement of leaves blowing in the wind.  Play music and have the students adjust their movements to coordinate with the tempo of the music.  Vary the tempo allowing for wind gusts as well as gentle breezes.



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