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Leaf Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Leaf Day

The students will categorize words into nouns and verbs.


  • Two large pieces of butcher paper, with a tree trunk and branches drawn on each.

  • Construction paper leaf shapes with words written on them.  Use the Leaf Word List for suggestions. (Have at least one leaf per student and write one word on each leaf.  These will be taped onto the tree drawings.)  

  • Tape

  • A basket in which to place the leaves.

  • Noun Tree or Verb Tree? Worksheet


(Steps #1 and #2 should be done in advance of implementing the lesson with the students.)

  1. Prepare the trees ahead of time by drawing a tree trunk and branches on each piece of butcher paper.  Mount the trees somewhere in the classroom.  Label one tree the "Noun Tree" and the other tree the "Verb Tree".  Definitions of noun and verb may also be written on the butcher paper.  The "Noun Tree" may include the definition "people, place or thing" and the "Verb Tree" may state "action words".

  2. Prepare the leaves by cutting out leaf shapes, one per student, from construction paper.  Write one word on each leaf.  Use the Leaf Word List for suggestions.  Place the leaves in a basket or some other container.

  3. Have a discussion with the students on nouns and verbs.  Explain that nouns are people, places and things and verbs are action words.  Give examples of each.  (With older students more categories could be used for adjectives and adverbs.)  

  4. Have the students pick a leaf out of the basket or container.  The students should read the word (if possible) and then decide whether it should be placed on the "Noun Tree" or the "Verb Tree".  Using tape, the students may tape the leaf on to the appropriate tree.

  5. As an extension, the students may write their own words on leaves and place them on the proper tree.

  6. For reinforcement, the students may write lists of Nouns and Verbs on the Noun Tree or Verb Tree Worksheet.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As an extension for the above activity, have the students write sentences using the words on their Noun and Verb Trees.

  2. Have a phonics lesson on changing f to ves for plurals (example: leaf to leaves).

  3. Have the students write about what they like to do with leaves on a Fall day.

  4. Read the book Free Fall by David Wiesner.  This wordless picture book follows a little boy's dream as he floats on a leaf.  Have the students write about their own travels on a leaf.



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