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Earth Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Earth Day

The students will utilize map skills to locate the seven continents.


  • A flat world map, displaying the 7 continents, use the following link, if needed, World Map.
  • A globe
  • Index cards with the names of the continents on them (one card per student, with only the name of one continent on it.  Therefore, 3 or 4 students may each end up with the same continent printed on them.)
  • A wide open space to make a "human map"



  1. Have a discussion on the fact that there are 7 continents which make up the Earth.  Define what a continent is depending on the age level of the students.  Show the students where these continents are on a globe. 
  2. Display the flat world map explaining how this map would be similar to peeling the map off the globe and spreading it out on a flat surface.  Point to the continents on this map.
  3. Have each student pick an index card with the name of a continent on it. 
  4. Have the students group themselves according to the card they drew.
  5. Using a wide open area, facilitate the students standing in an area to represent where the continents are placed on the flat map. 
  6. Discuss where the continents are in relation to one another.  Review the names of the continents.
  7. For reinforcement, play a "Spin the Globe Game".  Have each student take a turn closing his/her eyes.  Spin the globe.  Have the student place his/her finger on the globe, open them and see whether they landed on a continent or on water.  If on a continent, which one is it?

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Older students may play the game at the following site Geography Game.
  2. Here's a link with a story to help students remember the names of the continents Geography/Misc.
  3. Have the students pick a place they would like to live on earth and do some research on that place.
  4. Learn some ways to protect the earth and its environment.  Use one of the following links for assistance; EEK!, Simple Things You Can Do To Help, Children Of The Earth United, or Helpful Hints For Planet Earth.


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