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Earth Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Earth Day

The students will write a story which takes place in a specific environment.


  • Pictures of different environments.  Use the Environments Worksheet, if needed.
  • Story Map (if needed)
  • Paper and writing utensils
  • Art materials to illustrate the story, if desired.



  1. Facilitate a discussion on all the different environments which make up the planet Earth.  Have the students brainstorm some different environments and list them on chart paper or the blackboard.  Use the Environments Worksheet or any pictures available to help brainstorm a list.
  2. Explain to the students they may pick any environment they wish to be the setting for a story.  With younger students, the class may want to decide on an environment and write a whole class story in which each student contributes a sentence.  Older students may write a story of their choice in the setting of their choice.  Help the students think about what may be in the environment they have chosen before they begin writing.  This may help them decide on characters and plot.  A story map may be helpful in outlining the stories before they begin the writing process.
  3. If time allows, have the students illustrate their stories, featuring the environment they have chosen.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students write a letter to a "Save the Earth" organization, supporting their work.  Or have them write a letter to a government official urging them to work on saving the earth.
  2. Have the students complete the thought "The Earth is special because..."


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