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Cookie Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Cookie Day

The students will locate different countries on a world map.


  • A link to Family Fun, which provides cookie recipes from 8 different countries.

  • A World Map

  • A link to FreeTranslation

  • If possible, pick 2 or 3 of the recipes and have parent volunteers bake the cookies at home ahead of time.



  1. Share the link to Family Fun containing the recipes from around the world.  Read the name of the recipe and the ingredients.

  2. Have the students locate the country from where the recipe originates.  Where is this country in relationship to the students' home country?  How would they travel to that country?  What language is spoken in that country?

  3. If the language spoken in that country can be translated to English, use a link to FreeTranslation to learn how to say "cookie" in that country's language.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Learn about the history of cookies at OChef or Food History.



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