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Cookie Day

Movement Lesson
for Cookie Day

The students will participate in dramatizing the mixing and baking of cookie dough. 


  • A wide open space allowing for movement


  1. Mark off a circular area to be "the mixing bowl" and a rectangular area to be the "cookie sheet".  These areas should be big enough for all the students to fit into and allow for movement.  If this activity is done outdoors, the areas may be marked off with sidewalk chalk.  If it is done indoors, use pieces of tape or set up chairs to mark boundaries.

  2. Tell the students they are going to be the ingredients for cookies and will be "mixed" and "baked".

  3. Begin by dividing the students into groups of different ingredients.  For example, students should be divided into groups of flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, eggs, etc.  These groups should stand together outside the circular "mixing bowl".  

  4. Call the groups into the bowl one at a time.  For example, have the butter and sugar groups enter first to be creamed together.  Tell the students you are starting the mixer and they should begin to run around the circle.  Add the other groups of ingredients one at a time.

  5. Once all the children are in the mixing bowl and running in the circle, instruct them to stop because the mixer has been turned off.

  6. Now instruct the students that when they are tapped on the shoulder by the teacher, they should leave the mixing bowl and walk over to the "cookie sheet" (the rectangular area.)  When on the cookie sheet the students should make their bodies into a small ball, resembling a small ball of cookie dough.

  7. Once all the students have been placed on the cookie sheet it is time to get baked.  Discuss with the students how cookie dough spreads out into a circular shape as it cooks.  Have the students form their bodies into a circle shape for the finished cookies.

Other Lesson Ideas 

  1. Play the song game "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?"

  2. Have a cookie walk, similar to a cake walk.



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