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Chameleon Day

Movement Lesson
for Chameleon Day

The students will act out feelings.


  • Different colors of construction paper
  • A wide open space



  1. Similar to the Social Studies Lesson, discuss how colors can represent feelings.
  2. Brainstorm together as a class at least 5 different feelings and a color to match each feeling.
  3. Have the students spread out in an open area. 
  4. Hide the pieces of paper behind your back.  As a piece is held up, have the students act out that feeling.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As a variation on the the above game, play a game of charades in which a student acts out a feeling and the other students have to guess the feeling by holding up a colored piece of paper that matches the feeling. 
  2. Go outside and have the students get into small groups.  Give each group a small collection of items.  Have the groups find places in their surroundings which would best camouflage those items.  For example, a group may choose to place a brown item in an area of mulch and a yellow pencil on a yellow piece of playground equipment.


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