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Chameleon Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Chameleon Day

The students will compare and contrast two pieces of literature.




  1. Read each of the books to the students.
  2. For younger students have a whole class discussion on how the books are similar and how they are different.  Record their answers on chart paper in list form or on a Venn Diagram.  For older students, have them fill out the Chameleon Books Worksheet on their own.  Following this activity, reconvene as a class and discuss their responses.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. See the main Social Studies Lesson which has been combined with a Language Arts Lesson.
  2. Read the book The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle.  Have the students create and write about their own silly animals.
  3. Read the story from the following link Leon The Chameleon.  Discuss the different parts of the story: plot, characters, setting, and events.
  4. Discuss how words can easily be changed, just as chameleons change.  Adding silent e on the ends of words can make the vowel long.  Initial consonants are changed to create entire word families.  Endings (-ing, -ed, -s, etc.) are placed on words to change their meaning or tense.


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