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Chameleon Day

Math Lesson
for Chameleon Day

The students will create patterns of colors.




  1. Discuss patterns with the students.
  2. Give each student a chameleon cutout.  For smaller classes, have the students color 2 chameleons.  Direct the students to color their chameleon one of the following colors - red, yellow, green or blue.  Have them do this individually trying to keep a secret of the color they have cchosen. 
  3. Have the students convene in an area where they may lay their chameleons on the floor and create patterns as a whole class.  Discuss how patterns are formed and how they repeat.  Label the patterns with letters, A-D, if appropriate.
  4. As a follow up, give each student an entire sheet of Chameleon Printouts.  Have them color, cut, and glue them on to long pieces of paper to create their own patterns.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. For older students, have a lesson on probability.  Give each student a chameleon printout.  Have them secretly color it one of the four above mentioned colors.  Once they are done, graph the number of colors chosen.  Then discuss the probability of drawing each of the colors if they were all placed in a container together. 
  2. Discuss how numbers can change, just as chameleons do.  Numbers change by having other numbers added or taken away.  Have a lesson on subtraction and addition.


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