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Butterfly Day

 Movement Lesson
for Butterfly Day

The students will imitate the life cycle of a butterfly.


  • A wide open space, allowing for movement



  1. Review the life cycle of the butterfly.  Discuss the 4 parts of the life cycle and how the students could imitate the stages using their bodies.

  2. Have the students act out the life cycle.  Direct them when to change to the next stage.  An example of body movements would be:
    - Egg - curl up in a small ball on the floor.
    - Caterpillar - stretch out and crawl around the floor using arms and legs.
    - Chrysalis - make the body small and still.
    - Butterfly - stretch out the arms for the wings and "fly" around the room.

  3. These stages can be set to music to add drama to the changes.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Play a migration game in which the teacher or a designated student states, "It's Fall!" and all the "butterflies" (students) need to run South.  When the phrase "It's Spring!" is called, the students should run North.  South and North should be designated before the game begins.  This could also be turned into a relay race in which "migrating" teams race against one another.



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