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Butterfly Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Butterfly Day

The students will write fictional stories.


  • A book about the changing of caterpillars into butterflies.  Use the Butterfly Home Page for suggestions.

  • Paper

  • Writing Utensils



  1. Read the chosen story.  Discuss with the students the process of caterpillars changing into butterflies.

  2. Have the students imagine themselves wrapping up into cocoons.  What type of animal would they like to turn into?  What would they do once they turned into that type of animal?  How would their families react, etc?

  3. Have the students write stories about changing into a different type of animal.  Younger students may complete a simple sentence.  "I would turn into a _______________."  Older students may write more complex stories about their adventures as their chosen animal.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on compound words, using butterfly as a starting point.

  2. Read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Make a class book following the same format.  Have each student write a type of food the caterpillar has eaten through using the phrase, "He ate through ___________________________."  They should then illustrate their sentences.  These pages may be compiled into a class book to be taken home and shared with the students' families.

  3. Have the students listen to different books about butterflies.  They should then identify whether the books are fiction or nonfiction.



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