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Butterfly Day

Art Lesson
for Butterfly Day

The students will design a set of butterfly wings.


  • A link to The Butterfly Website or a book with pictures of different types of butterflies.

  • White construction paper, cut in the shape of wings

  • Paint, markers, colored pencils, chalk, fabric, etc.



  1. Share pictures of different types of butterflies with the students.  Use the aforementioned web site or a book with good pictures.

  2. Discuss the wide variety of markings and colors on different types of butterflies.  Discuss the symmetry of the wings.

  3. Allow the students to choose any type of medium, or a combination of mediums, to design their own set of butterfly wings.

  4. Display the wings in the hallway or suspend them from the ceiling of the classroom using string and clothespins.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students create caterpillars by gluing pom-poms onto craft sticks.  Place these caterpillars into "cocoons" which can be brown paper lunch sacks.  After a set amount of time (either hours or days) have the students remove the caterpillars and add wings made from construction paper and paint.

  2. Use the following link to create a Butterfly coming out of a chrysalis: Where Do Butterflies Come From?

  3. Enchanted Learning has a variety of Butterfly Crafts as well.



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