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Bubble Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Bubble Day

The students will construct a map of a bubble's journey.


  • Examples of maps either on posters, out of books, or use a web site such as www.maps.com
  • A Bubble's Journey Worksheet or a very large piece of butcher paper (if the lesson is going to be done as a whole class activity).
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils



  1. Discuss what a map is and how it helps people get to where they're going.  Show the students examples of maps.  Discuss how they are drawn in a view from up above.
  2. Have the students imagine a bubble taking a journey from their classroom to somewhere else in their school building.  For younger children, actually take the walk and observe what they pass on the way.  When returning to the classroom, either have them work individually, or as a whole class to create a map which includes the starting point (their classroom) and the ending point (the library, school office, etc.)  The teacher may draw this on the butcher paper under the "direction of the students".  The students may add to it by cutting items such as drinking fountains, doors, tables, etc. out of construction paper to be glued on the final map.  As a finishing touch, draw the path of the bubble on the map from it's starting to it's ending point.  
  3. Older students may make their own maps on A Bubble's Journey Worksheet or some other large piece of paper.  If desired, they may map their bubble journey somewhere other than school.  Perhaps somewhere in their house, or on the school grounds.  As an extension, have the older students write directions to accompany their maps.  For example, "walk out the classroom door and turn left..."  This may be tied in with a Language Arts Lesson on writing directions. 

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Learn to say "Pop!" in other languages.  Use the following web site for help http://www.freetranslation.com/.  Locate the corresponding countries on a map.
  2. Read about the history of soap at Soap History.


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