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Bubble Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Bubble Day

The students will write a story about a bubble trip.


  • Story map
  • Paper
  • Writing utensils
  • The Magic Bubble Trip by Ingrid Schubert, if available



  1. Read The Magic Bubble Trip or have a discussion on what it would be like to be inside a bubble and go on a special trip.  Where would the students want to end up?  What would they see along the way?  Who would they meet?
  2. Pass out the Story Maps for the students to fill out their initial ideas.
  3. Based on the Story Maps, have them write a story about their trip.
  4. Younger students may complete simple sentence such as "On my magic bubble trip I would go to....."
  5. If time allows, have them illustrate their stories.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. As a variation on the above lesson, have the entire class create a story on chart paper.  Each student may add a sentence to what happens on the trip to complete the entire story.  Give each student a piece of paper and have him/her write the sentence he/she contributed.  They may then illustrate their sentences and put the final pages together to create a class book.
  2. Have a phonics lesson on short u.
  3. Have a phonics lesson on double consonants and short vowels, i.e. bubble, pepper, happy, puppy, middle, etc.
  4. Write poems describing a bubble.


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